About BAC Hockey

Hockey, and Hockey Development should go far beyond the arena.  In part of refining skills, and becoming a better player is developing strong character and being able to handle adverse situations, that is why the focus of BAC Hockey will always be the following.

Battle : an extended contest, struggle, or controversy     

At BAC Hockey, we do that.  We will battle in many of our small area games, whether it’s a tiny space 1 on 1 battle, or a 3 on 3 cross ice game, there will be battle every ice time.

Adversity : a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune

In the rink, and in life we will undoubtedly at some turn go through adversity.  Being able to handle these situations at school, at home, at the arena, wherever it be will continue to further develop character, and enhance our skillset as an athlete.  Players at BAC Hockey will be pushed to the edge of their comfort zone whether it’s in a challenging situational skill station, or an exhaustive battle against an opponent.  Players will learn to excel when things get hard.

Creativity : to produce through imaginative skill       

In order to succeed in battle, and handle adversity – we need creativity.  We have to find different ways to do things, different avenues of success.  Creativity is about trying new things.  At BAC Hockey, whether it’s a new skill, a new deceptive move, a different look on a release, whatever it is…  this will be done every time players step out onto the ice.  Creativity will always be encouraged, never discouraged.  



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